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Sep 11, 2008
North of Boston
Inside the (semi-)secret society for young Trump staffers
For members of 'the Team,' the 45 Club offers refuge in a hostile capital....the 45 Club, a private group reserved exclusively for President Donald Trump’s current and former staffers.

...Members wear a lapel pin fashioned after the butt end of a .45 caliber bullet casing and attend semi-regular gatherings.

But, in a reflection of his outsider campaign, Trump’s hires often came from outside the traditional feeding grounds of Republican politics. And in a city that has largely shunned them — dating app profiles here often declare an unwillingness to meet Trump’s supporters, let alone his aides — Trump’s young aides have formed an insular social scene.

“They’re trying to create an exclusive club because they’ve been banned from every other exclusive club in D.C.,” sniped one former campaign staffer.

But despite the air of exclusivity, the club’s activities are constrained by members’ junior-level government salaries. Most events are free to attend, with a cash bar.
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Just imagine if a bunch of them met in a Boston restaurant wearing the lapel pins and some left-wing loony called the cops.
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