WTS Preban AR-15 20's, 30's, and 120's. Yeah!


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Oct 6, 2009
near Worcester, MA
For sale: Pre-ban AR-15 mags. Getting scarcer and harder to find. Wait until the next election if you don't believe me.

All are used in very good/excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Ready to use out-of-the-box. No bent feedlips or missing base tabs. Check my feedback and buy with confidence. Bulk quantities may be available if you need a lot.

SOLD 120-round Chinese /36\ drum for AR15's, excellent+ condition. Comes with a OD green pouch (says US, but it's Chinese too). Load once at home and shoot all afternoon! :) pics available, PM me your email or txt. 6 boxes of ammo in one drum...because sometimes there are 32 zombies... Comes with original instructions in poorly translated English. SOLD

#1: Used USGI 30's. Most have original black followers, a few have been replaced with green ones. $24/ea. Buy 10 and shipping's on me.
#1b: Unused USGI 30's in original bag from the 1980's. Mix of Parsons, Sanchez, Cooper, etc. Most bags have dates, but is not guaranteed. $35/ea only a few left.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
#1c: Unused USGI 30's, no bag. Minty! $30/ea

Used mags with typical finish wear.

#3: Used USGI 30's with internal date stamp. '86-'91 only, after that they used external date. $28

#4: Used USGI 30's with external date stamp. 3/$100

#5 Unused steel 30's. Heavy duty steel; made for British SA-80 (also fits your AR-15) Sticker marked "England" on the side of most of them. Solidly built. $25/each, have 10-12, pic below.
#5a Commercial steel 30's $23 (just 1-2, not shown)
#5b Heavy duty steel mags in heavy duty cosmoline. $23, have 10 or so.

#6 Used USGI 20's[/COLOR]. Original metal alloy followers. Will be a mix of Colt, Parsons, Universal. $17/ea. Buy 10 and they're $16. You know what they look like!

#6A: New-old-stock Colt 20-rounder in original 1969 or 1970-dated box (1 mag per box). $40 or 3/$100. SOLD

#6B: New-old-stock steel Milllett 20-round mags in original packaging. Dried-out oil staining; you need to spray it down with WD40 and wipe it clean, or put it in the dishwasher when the wife's not home. Cheap range mags! $15/ea.

#7 Used Orlite30's from Israel. Excellent or NOS condition. Most still have "made in Israel" stickers on them. $20/ea or 8/$150.
COLT COLLECTORS! - send me your email for a pic of a specific mag
#8A Colt OEM new-old-stock preban 30's SOLD
#8B Colt OEM used preban 30's $26 (or 4/$100)
#8C Used Colt 30's with 62667 CAGE Code on the mag body and original emerald follower (only a very few!) $40/ea
#8D Used Colt 30's with 62667 CAGE Code on the mag body, replacement black follower (only a very few!) $35 ea
#8E Used Colt-made-for-Korean-Army preban 30. This is the 2nd one of these I've ever seen. Unique body and baseplate markings. $50

#40 Steel 40-round mags. Have 2. $35/each.

#9 Colt 9mm 32-round mags. Factory Colt prebans with "Rampant Colt" on bottom. Excellent condition. $100 each, have a couple of these.

Don't see what you want? Send me a PM, I probably have one!
Thanks for looking!
Checks OK from green members or with a copy of your LTC. Cash, USPS MO, Google Pay, Paypal FF (no comments in the PP please) are all fine.
$8 flat shipping for up to 12; Exact shipping for larger quantities.
FTF OK M-F after work, Bolton/Hudson or Auburn.
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