WTS Pre-Ban Orlite 30 round magazines


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May 29, 2010
Location : Plainville MA

Price : $15 each or all 12 for $140

Description :
Pre-Ban Orlite 30 round magazines

Mold numbers:
^these 4 may not fit all ARs without some grinding of the rib, from the Mag FAQ:
Orlites have a rib around the middle of the mag which helps to seal the bottom of the mag well and also prevents the magazine from being over-inserted and the feed lips damaged. The location of the rib was based on the deep mag well beveling on Colt M16s, and in ARs that aren't beveled as deeply, early Orlites won't seat completely. This is easily correctable by trimming a bit of material from the top surface of the over-insertion rib; just enough to allow the mag to seat. This problem only occurs with early Orlites with mold numbers from 0/1 to 0/19. Starting with batch 0/20, the rib was moved about 1/32" further down the mag body, and these later mags work in all ARs with no modification.
0/23 qty 2
0/26 qty 4

Selling Terms : Face to Face + Cash or Shipped + some form of epay, must have LTC

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