WTS Pre-Ban Colt Sporter (lower) w/Colt Defense military M4 upper - Sold


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Feb 12, 2009
Merrimack Valley
I built this rifle from a pre-ban Colt Sporter HBAR I bought in 2009. Since then, I swapped out the upper with a Colt Defense military M4 upper that was forged with their cold hammer forging process and is 14.5”. I had a Yankee Machine A2 flash hider laser welded to the barrel to meet NFA regulations of a 16” barrel length. I added a MagPul MOE collapsible stock and a Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Quad Rail. The retractable rear BUIS are from Troy.

Both the upper and lower receiver are very lightly used. The upper has under 300 rounds through it. I have a fair amount of cash sunk into it, so it stings a little to get rid of it. I just never shoot it, so it’s wasted on me. The lower does have a sear block. I’ll get rid of it for $1600.

The sale will be face-to-face EFA-10 to a valid MA LTC A license holder. If you want to transfer through a FFL, that will be done at your expense.


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