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Mar 29, 2005
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OK, I have been reading posts and am not clear on this topic. If I have a AR15 pre-ban lower (keeping in mind I am in Mass), can I use new Post-ban parts on it. Also, the same questions with high cap mags. Do they have to be pre-ban as well?

I am under the impression that because the lower is pre-ban, then the restrictions don't apply. Am I correct or not???
Preban lower and you can have all evil features, yes a post ban upper is OK. The lower must have been built up before the ban and you should have documentation to back that up.
Mags are a different situation. They have to be pre 94 unless you are LEO no matter if the lower is preban.
Not entirely correct. If you do a Search, we've been here before a number of times.

In brief:

- It is NOT pre-ban unless that lower was actually assembled into an actual gun (or a full kit with all the parts-upper and lower) prior to the ban (9/13/94).

- If it is a legit pre-ban, you can assemble anything you like on it as long as the barrel is at least 16" long. All the evil parts you like! It also doesn't matter if the gun was anywhere in the world prior to 9/13/94.

- If it was just a "frame" made pre-ban, then sorry it is legally a "post-ban" and MUST be assembled as such.

- Mags must be pre-ban (9/13/94 mfr) and can be used in ANY GUN, no matter when the gun was made or it's status (pre/post-ban). It also doesn't matter if the mags were anywhere in the world prior to 9/13/94.

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