SOLD Pre 94 Assault Weapons Ban Olympic Arms 'Fighting Lion' Forged Lower AR15 Receiver


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Apr 4, 2013
He Gone!
Build it however you want to. Collapsible stock, sure? Bayonet lug, why not?

...chainsaw attachment? OK!

Mostly stripped, but will include all lower parts that I have on hand (everything that came off it) for an extra $OLD (detents/springs/trigger). I took it apart to inspect/clean it and decided it's time to let someone else have the joys of buying complete military uppers shipped to their home and be able to legally transport them anywhere behind the iron curtain of the borders of the Commonwealth.

This is a FORGED lower and is built very solid. I tried to take photos of all the 'indicators' so there would be no question as to what you're getting here. I've personally shot at least 500 rounds through this lower and it runs very well and has mated up to at least 4 separate uppers I've tested it on.

$OLD shipped to your FFL, but PM me for other options if you have more than 500 posts (no exceptions on the post rule).

There's a bonus to this sale that I'm not willing to post about publicly, but it should really sweeten the deal for anyone in MA 'proper'.

Will accept USPS Money Order/Cashiers Cheque/PayPal Discreet F&F option, or Navy Federal Direct Account Transfer

Thanks for looking, and have a happy apocalypse :D


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