WTS ponsness warren 900 12ga reloader


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Jul 2, 2011
i have a pw 900 reloader for sale. comes with extras...
-tall shot bottle -pw cover -shell counter -13 powder bushings -2 additional shot bushings -powdwer/shot measuting kit -pw oiler -shell breakdown tool -owners manual
this machine puts out a loaded shell with every stroke of the handle. the finished shell drops out the back, down a chute. i bored a hole in my bench and the finished shell dropped out, under my bench and into a 5 gal pail. asking $450 but will consider a reasonable offer.
i do want to point out for the sake of honesty, the little spot weld broke that holds the primer try to it's bracket during a move. i repaired it with jb weld and it's more secure now than before. the photos are of the actual machine and accouterments...the cover is not pictured.

if you are interested i can meet at four seasons' parking lot in woburn. i don't mind someone taking a look but the damn thing weighs a ton so be serious and not a gawker, please.

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