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@Johnnycash2017 it is perfectly legal for you to own and carry a Glock in Mass if you have an LTC. You can also sell it, to a another LTC holder in Mass, in a face to face transaction using a efa10 form online. You just need to start here.
All perfectly legal. What you can't do is posses a standard capacity magazine manufactured after Sept 1994.

Cabelas can't won't sell a new Glock to you because it is not on the approved roster. But that doesn't mean you can't own it. So lets say you lived in Florida and bought a Glock. If you move to Mass it is perfectly legal to bring it with you. And you can sell it to your neighbor with an LTC if you want. Zero issues.
Glock is one of the most popular carry guns in Mass.
Johnnycash2017 said:
So my friend was to sell off some guns to buy a preban AR and he trying to trade in my glock 22 gen 3.

Did everyone miss this part? Or am I misunderstanding the question?
@Johnnycash2017, how is your friend going to trade in YOUR pistol so he can buy something? Forget what make it is. [thinking]

It amazes me (as an aside) how people don't realize that when you want to change your thread title to attract fewer eyes, the way to do that is NOT to put "please delete." That phrase is clickbait.

OP would have been better off changing the thread title to something like "WTB Uberti .22 Cattleman" or something.
Are we talking about the legendary Glock 7...
wait! what now? i thought the 7 was made from chocolate. and melted under x-ray examination. i gotta get out more and read up on my glocks. so, i got my new thing leaned for the day out of the way early.
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