Plate Carrier/Chest Rig

I think it’s time to finally upgrade to ceramic plates. The steel is getting heavier the older I get
Shellback's Banshee II seems like it could fit the Rock, even if he put on 200 lbs of "bad" weight. I'm 5'8"/150 lbs and had to actually cut and sew the shoulder and chest straps to get it to fit me.
Resurrecting this old thread...I use a sneaky bag (their website is apparently under construction for some reason, but they have been around for years):

Sneaky Bags – New Bags and Exclusive JTT Discount

They look fairly normal and innocuous, but you can fit (4) AR or AK mags, an IFAK etc. in it. I ran one during a two day rifle class and it works really well, even prone and running. They have a shoulder strap, a belt and a leg strap, but I just use the belt and shoulder strap. If you wear it a long time a shemagh or gaiter keeps the shoulder strap from irritating your neck.
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