Pistol storage

Feb 27, 2005
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Seeking some advice on pistol storage:

I have a large safe that stores long guns and pistols. I have the top part of the safe for my pistols. Currently, I store the pistols in their original boxes. It is going to run of space soon especially with the large box that Paras come in.

Wondering what other people do.

thanks for any advice.
I'd rather let air circulate around my guns. I store the guns in racks in the safe, and store the boxes they came in elsewhere. I also use GoldenRods for rust prevention.
Those are great pistol racks... I like how they stack them up, instead of on thier sides. I was thinking aobut this.

But I like those better.

Right now, I'm just using the holes on the top shelf of my safe.

But I would rather use the shelf cover that makes it flat and use those instead. It seems like you can more in the same area.
M1911 said:
I use pistol racks.
I didn't know they made these kinds of racks. But, I happy with the 1x1/2 pieces of wood I glued together so they hold my pistols similar to the padded and screw tightened rack in my range box. But, I don't secure the pistols to this rack. They are presented grip towards me and barrel level, so I can reach right in and grab one if and when.


Bon Dia from sunny Portugal!
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