PIN/PLATE PISTOL SHOOT - Independent Sportsmen's Club (1/21)

Oct 31, 2005
Spooner Street
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THIS Saturday ... JANUARY 21st (PIN & PLATE PISTOL SHOOT) ... Sign up starts at 8:30am - Shooters meeting at 9:00am - Start time is 9:05am

Independent Sportsmen's Club

Club Location is at the end of: Mirimichi Rd. in Foxboro MA
Visit the club website for directions:

Reminder: BOTH the “Pistol and Rifle Ranges” are IN USE, until approximately 1:00pm, on the days of scheduled shooting events.

NEW shooters are ALWAYS welcome!

Eye protection (with side protection) and ear protection, are required

Club membership is OPEN, and applications are available before and after the shoot, if anyone is interested in joining.
on the club website it say sunday the 21 i know
the 21 is sat are you shure that its on sat?
all so how many rounds should i bring
and just off hand how many plates/stages are there going to be
Saturday is the 21th. Sunday is the 22nd, the AFS match.

I would bring 150rds. I don't remember the exact course of fire. They usually run a plates stage and a pin/plate stage at the same time, alternating shooters. Then they switch it up, so I guess it is about four stages of fire. The shooting is from the low ready, not the draw.

It is fun. I'm going to try to make it.
150 rounds/gun ought to be fine.

Note that, unlike a USPSA event, Paul allows multiple runs. Some shoot 2 different guns (usually 1 auto and 1 revolver); others make multiple runs with 1 gun, whatever.

$5 per gun.

Dress WARM! [wink]
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