Petition the M855 Ban!

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Feb 19, 2014
We need to draw a line in the sand NOW.
They know they cannot take our guns, so they are taking our ammo, and enacting backdoor gun control. Contact your reps and senators, tell them to stop this ASAP.
Sign this petition to stop the ATF from banning this ammo.
The ATF is receiving letters and comments about this and will take into consideration before putting this into effect.
Contact them here(email)- [email protected]

Many people are about to become felons in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for possesion/transport of AP ammo if this in put into law.

New Hampshire Class B felony if used in commission of a misdemeanor or felony (punishable by up to seven years in prison).

N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 159:18

New Jersey Possession is a fourth-degree crime punishable by up to six months in prison.

N.J. Stat. Ann. § 2C:39-3(f)

New York Possession with intent to use is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison.

N.Y. Penal Law § 265.01(8)

Connecticut Illegal to distribute, transport or sell first time offense is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison and $2,000 fine (repeat offense is a class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine).

CGS § 53a-202l Send some letters to the ATF now!
Here is a template from ARFCOM for your senators/reps

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I am writing to ask for your support and to stand with your constituents in opposing a BATFE regulatory ban of lawful ammunition, namely M855 or SS109, commonly known as "green tip.” This ammunition uses a 62 grain projectile that has a steel core component. This ammunition was has no armor piercing properties, yet is being banned based on this erroneous assertion. This ammunition has become an inexpensive sporting round used by many in AR15 and other modern sporting rifles.

There has never been a more dangerous time in the history of our Nation. This proposed ban is another act by a bureaucratic branch of government that has no basis or founding in the United States Constitution. This bureaucratic branch, with its various Federal agencies continues an unbridled assault on the rights of citizens clearly defined in the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. Senator, it is imperative that men of power such as yourself, recognize this erosion of the foundation of our country, and stand with your fellow citizens who oppose this bureaucratic assault on our very liberty.

Please contact the BATFE today, and let them know that your constituents are opposed to this arbitrary re-writing of regulations, that was neither sanctioned by congress, nor subject to judicial review. Please tell them that actions such as these threaten the social contract and the civil society that has tolerated their interference in every aspect of our daily lives and constant encroachments on our rights.



And here is one for the ATF-

I am writing for the comments of the proposed ban on the M855 5.56 NATO round that has been in public circulation for the last three decades.

I am a law abiding citizen, as many of the commenters of this subject will also be, and I, like many, shoot that AR15 platform for shooting sport, hunting, and home defense. I live in one of the rural parts of the state of Tennessee, and my primary weapon for home defense is my AR15. It utilized to neutralize coyotes, to check out buildings at night, and also for recreation.

The ammo I use to practice, train, and also get other new shooters in is a mix of cheap 5.56/.223 in either the .55 grain M193, import steel cased ammo, or the M855 5.56, or reloads of the SS109 bullet I acquire. The M855 is used in my government profile AR15 with a "20 barrel (similar to the M16A4) in NRA and CMP high power matches, or training for the those matches. My barrel is a 1/7 twist rate, which was designed around the M855 for optimal accuracy. This accuracy is very evident out at 200 yards, where most of the CMP military matches take place. The CMP also issues this ammo out for the certain matches.

The M855 is used in a "sporting" manner for target shooting, and matches. I understand that the reclassification is due to the recent prevalence of AR pistols. I also understand that the M855 was exempted from the status as amour piercing. However, it must be recognized that the M855 is used for more than a mimicry of a pistol but rather, as I have noted, in real sportsman settings. The round is also inexpensive for those of us who shoot more than a 1,000 rounds a month at times. It is far cheaper to shoot this .62 grain projectile, which has similar accuracy characteristics and recoil of match or factory hand loads, and it is easier to get. I cannot get the same level of accuracy and "zero" with .55 grain FMJ loads. Yes, those .55 grain FMJ rounds are cheaper, but the level of accuracy is not their in a 1/7 twist rate barrel.

Furthermore, the elimination of the M855 from the market will displace the demand on the .55 grain rounds and projectile that will raise the costs of shooting, practicing and training. This is will make it harder for us to enjoy or Second Amendment rights, and become better, proficient shooters either at our sport, in a dire particle setting. I do look at this all-of-a-sudden ruling to make M855 in an armor piercing classification as a backdoor attempted of a gun ban by limiting the ammunition we are able to obtain. The rise in prices would make it cost prohibited for others to enjoy, train and shoot their ARs, which are considered to be in general circulation of the Heller ruling from the Supreme Court.

There alternatives that are in a .62 grain bullet to the SS109/M855 round, however, they come from foreign manufactures that could also be ruled to be ban from importation. This makes the M855 with the SS109 profile a domestic round that is made here and should not be banned for this reason alone. The M855 can also be defeated by many level III+ and level IV armor panels that are made to stop just this round. Soft, or Kevlar armor, that is the primary body armor used many police departs can be defeated by most rifle rounds, no matter the length of the barrel of the weapon, or the classification of the weapon. It is also well to note that more people are killed with a true handgun, than a rifle, semi-automatic rifle, or a semi-automatic rifle made into a "pistol". The round will do what is meant to do, regardless of the size and scope. (It performs better with a longer barrel).

To summarize: the reclassification of the M855 to an armor piercing round due to the recent prevalence of "AR pistols" is short sighted of how the round is used in real sporting applications, hunting (wild hogs in Texas), self-defense, and practice and training. This also seems like a convenient way to restrict the safe and law abiding citizens of the United States of our Second Amendment rights by lessening our inexpensive selection of 5.56 for our AR15 and other 5.56 NATO chambered firearms. This ruling falls well beyond the scope of the sporting clause, what classifies as an armor piercing round, infringes on our Second Amendment rights, and goes against the common usage clause in the Heller ruling. In effect, the ruling is short sighted, harmful to average citizens and the country, and very arbitrary. It will hamper my use and practice of my shooting sports and self-defense, along with others, including small, local law enforcement agencies.

As an American, and as an active shooting sportsman, please do not arbitrarily ban the M855 and the SS109 bullet due to other firearm owners remaking a rifle to circumvent another law. This ruling will hurt the majority of us who use our rifles as rifles, and not "pistols".

Thank you,


I Hope you NE shooters can join the fight against this BS attempt by the Obama Administration to limit our supply of ammo.

Sign my petition for revoking the ban on 7N6 as well ---
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Feb 26, 2014
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Do NOT send in an exact duplicate of the letter to comment on the ban. ATF has to comment on every letter so if you send the exact same letter they get to basically ignore yours as a duplicate. Change around a few things, add your own arguments about this ammo being used for sporting and target shooting as it is inherently more accurate in 1/7 twist modern sporting arms than 55 grain lead, lower cost therefore more commonly used in target and recreational shooting, etc, etc.

A flood of comments is what got the NFA trust issue pushed back by over a year, tons of well thought out letters that need to be commented on.

In the past there was a mechanism online to send in comments and certain requirements had to be met. Name, address, etc IIRC. Considering they only show an email address my guess is most comments will be thrown out as "not in proper format"

Send your comments to [email protected]

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