Aug 12, 2005
Franklin, MA
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After watching the TV series "Over There" for several weeks, I am hooked. (FX 10pm on Wednesdays.)

Being very, very old myself, I was wondering what any recent military types thought about this show. I know it is about soldiers and not Marines, but still wondering if this was closer to "real-life" than most TV shows. "Bad" commanding officers at the top seems pretty realistic. Some of the blogs I read also seem to parallel some of the story in the show.

Iraq2 is clearly a different kind of war. (i.e. not Vietnam, not WWII, not even Iraq1.) So this is not John Wayne or Charlie Sheen.....

Of course, as with any TV show they try to pack in a lot of drama into a single hour. I am sure many days are just sitting and waiting. It was made by the same producer as NYPD Blue, Law & Order, etc.

Anyone else watching this show?
Great show,the blonde chick is smokin hot.

Mrs. B is indeed hot.

But I think a lot of the show is relatively lame. First, a single HUMVEE does not go out of the base alone, no way, no how. Minimum of two vehicles at all times.

Second, to suit the camera they always bunch up. You watch the squad and they are always within a few feet of one another. One nade and they're all toast. It's my understanding that one of the rules of combat is to not bunch up.

Third, in the last show they showed a hostage rescue where the first guy through the door was the SAW gunner. No spec-ops, no flash-bangs, etc. Right.

Fourth, they always show them riding around in the back of a soft-sided 5-ton truck. Doesn't happen these days -- they only go out in hard vehicles.
M1911 said:
One nade and they're all toast. It's my understanding that one of the rules of combat is to not bunch up.

Thanks for that comment, M1911... you just brought a smile to my face. A late friend of mine used to something like that to us: "One grenade'd get you all."

'Course, we tried to remind Harv that it wasn't very often that someone tosses a grenade on the streets of NYC, but...

Anyway, thanks.
Essentially every television show and movie every made has troops bunch up way too tight. My wife got tired of hearing me rant about it about 30 years ago. I just shake my head and chuckle these days. Grenade, mine, mortor round, even automatic weapons fire could take out the entire cast in about 2 seconds.

Glenn and I haven't seen it. Alan saw it before he left. He was amused,but liked it. All the blogs we read, and the soldiers comments on the show,is it's a joke. I am guessing from the sounds of it we'd sit there and rip it to shreds like alot of movies we have seen too,where they can't get rank,or whatever right.
I think everybody is missing the point here.This show isn't supposed to be an accurate representation of the war in Iraq,it's a friggin TV show!!! If you want realism watch the military channel or any documentaries.The show is for ENTERTAINMENT ,not military tactics roundtable discussions. [roll]

What's will the next topic here be regarding TV shows? Maybe a discussion about how 'The Shield' isn't an accurate representation of a police officers duty patrol in Los Angeles ?
Well, we haven't watched it...mainly for the same reason that I regret having Ladder 49 on in our house. It freaks out my wife. Ladder 49, about every other scene had my wife upset because she can remember growing up listening to the scanner and hearing the all clear, and man down calls praying that it wasn't her father.

So, now that her brother is on his way over there...real or not, she doesn't want to get overly freaked out.

So, we don't watch it. That's fine with me...I'll just watch the Sox, or According to Jim, or Mythbusters, or whatever is on wihen that show is on.
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