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Opinions on the Seecamp .32?


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Apr 29, 2005
Peabody, MA
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I've been looking at this on Four Seasons website. Looks like a nice carry choice for small people in warm weather. Any opinions on this gun? How it shoots, recoil, etc.
I have one. if you want to travel to RI you can test fire mine.

Recoil is a little stout because there is very little to hold on to. I put some grip tape on the front strap which helps some.

I use it as a 3rd gun. I always recommend a .38 or 9mm at minumum if at all possible. Light weight j-frame or one of the mini Kahrs are a better choice.

Some creative clothing choices makes carrying one of the above easier.

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I have one, too. I like it for tossing in my pocket to run to the
store when I don't feel like "loading up". It shoots better than you
would expect (15 yds all in a pie plate) even without sights and
a 2" barrel. The recoil is sharp, so I wear a glove when I practice.
It is made for one purpose, to be small. Lots of other things were
compromised to reach that goal. As long as you are comfortable
with that (I am) it's a wonderful gun.Oh yeah, I hate the safety
and read that many people glue the safety off. This gun was just not
designed to have a safety.

Safety? wow.. must have changed. I have an older Seecamp and there is no safety!

I highly recommend that you don't glue the safety off. if you are involved in a gun fight, the prosecution will use the fact that you glued your safety off to show you are negligent. If they can show you are negligent on safety, it will be easier to show you are negligent in other areas--making conviction easier.

Depending on the gun type and trigger type, you don't necessarily need to use the safety, but gluing it off will work against you in court.

I agree with your point, and I have not done it,
but that safety is one the damned trigger, so it
is hard to tell what the state is, and can be tough to
disarm if you don't have finger nails. It's a crappy
compromise jammed down the manufacturer's throat
by MA and CA. If you can find an old one without
a safety, buy that one first!

Davidk said:
I always recommend a .38 or 9mm at minumum if at all possible. Light weight j-frame or one of the mini Kahrs are a better choice.
Roy at K&R Target Sports in Hudson has a couple of K9's and a K40 - think they're around $500 or $600 - he's got 2 new 9's and a used one.

I have a one, and it is a thing of beauty. The quality of machining, fit and finish is outstanding. This is a little gem of a gun. Absolutely reliable, too. It is the smallest handgun that can be sold new in MA.
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