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Feb 25, 2005
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Great parenting here. Read what the neighbor had to say about the girl.

At the bottom of the article there is a blurb on the kid who was 12 when he killed a 6 year old. Solidifying my belief that if you kill someone you are and never will be a contributing member of society.

"In 2001, Lionel Tate, 14, became the youngest person in modern U.S. history to be sentenced to life in prison, after being convicted of killing 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick in Florida. He was 12 at the time of the killing in 1999.

He won a new trial on appeal and went free in January 2004 under a deal that placed him under house arrest for a year followed by probation for 10 years. Now 18, he was arrested May 23 on charges of holding up a pizza delivery man at gunpoint."

I would like to speak to the jury who let this guy out of jail.

It wasn't a jury that let him free, it was "professionals" . . . the DA, judge, and the perp's attorney all agreed to a deal! That's the way the "system" works.

Juries do not usually determine a sentence (except for death penalty), they normally just determine "guilty" or "not guilty" and the rest is up to the "professionals"!

This sort of BS is SOP and why the system sucks as bad as it does.
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