Only 3 seats left for the Jeff Gonzales course


Mar 3, 2005
Pepperell, MA
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There are onlt 3 seats left for the Gonzales class. This is the last class that we will offer this year. The details are as follows:

September 23, 24 and 25, 2005
Course: Combative Pistol 1
Instructor: Jeff Gonzales
Duration: 2 days (20+ Hours)
Cost: $380.00 (plus range fee)
Location: Tyngsboro Sportsmen's Club
Westford Road, Tyngsboro, MA

Additional: At the end of the main course, Jeff will offer a one day module from the following. The module offered will need 6 students signed up to proceed.

Additional One day Modules to be held at the end of the 2 day course:

Concealed Carry Practises
One day (10 hours) $200.00 (plus range fee)

Course descriptions:

Combative Pistol (CP1) course

The Combative Pistol (CP1) course will introduce the combative fundamentals to the individual by habituating correct technique under the stress of command performance. We use extended range sessions to reinforce proper technique execution and establish performance memory. This mentality will enhance weapons competency level by practicing techniques to the subconscious level. The methodology of our program is to provide effective and timely solutions to realistic problems. The individual will perfect the necessary foundational skills to achieve better combat accuracy, tactical proficiency and performance consistency. These techniques will provide the individual with sound options that can be relied upon if and when circumstances dictate.

The Combative Pistol (CP1) is a must for serious shooters and those wishing to develop aggressive and effective techniques that meet reality. The training and techniques are on the cutting edge of modern pistol craft comprised from realistic street and special operations experiences setting us apart from other organizations. Students interested in higher level pistol classes from Trident Concepts, LLC. must successfully pass this course with an 80% score or better on the final standards test.

Upon successful completion the student will:

Demonstrate safe pistol manipulation skills, knowledge of safety rules and knowledge of basic pistol and equipment selection

Demonstrate knowledge of tiered safety procedures

Exposure to the Combat Mindset and Personal Protection Directives

Mature fighting skills to achieve an optimum balance of accuracy and speed

Reinforce Non-Diagnostic weapons manipulations

Exposure to the Standard Shooting System™

Engage multiple threats both static and on the move

Engage moving threats both static and on the move

Engage threats using non-standard responses; perform post-shooting assessments and scanning techniques

Engage threats using reduced light techniques and procedures

Understand terminal ballistics, anatomical features and shot placement

Engage threats and manipulate the pistol using strong and weak hands only

The Combative Pistol (CP1) course aims at emphasizing the combat mindset, non-diagnostic weapon manipulations, reflexive responses, surgical shooting, ammunition management and a greater awareness of cardinal safety rules. The course develops a high level skills confidence and weapon familiarity necessary to dominate in realistic shooting conditions.

Concealed Carry Tactics (CCT)
One-day (10 hours) $200.00

This course aims at introducing individuals to the act of carrying a firearm concealed. The various modes of concealed carry are discussed and demonstrated with a applicable information for the individuals habits, style and level of protection. Brief discussions on choosing weapons and caliber is discussed with a focus on confidence in your performance and the weapon's.

Core skills include:
Learn how to choose the best concealment option for your situation to include weapon and holster.
Focus on the three most likely types of concealed carry modes, belt type holster, pocket type holster and carrying garment.
Become familiar with different methods of concealment and wardrobe considerations.
Learn different presentation techniques for different concealment carry methods.
Understand mental conditioning for concealed carry and the combat mindset.
Employ marksmanship skills from standing, kneeling and prone positions from concealed carry.
Engage multiple threats from different directions in the open and from concealed/covered positions.
Engage threats on the move from concealed carry.
Engage threats until they are no longer a threat and performing post-shooting assessments.
Engage threats at night using reduced light techniques from concealed carry.
Demonstrate individual close quarter's skills during day and night conditions using reduced light techniques from concealed carry.

The goal of this course is to familiarize the student with the different methods of concealment and to choose the best option for their situation. To help refine skill confidence in carrying concealed and reinforce safe pistol handling skills. To expose the students to the different aspects of carrying concealed how to integrate the fundamentals of combative shooting with concealed carry and the mental preparation necessary for carrying concealed.
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