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Jun 15, 2015
Last month I took a Def pistol 1 class with Ontarget training instructors Seth Wish and Brad Gaudet. I had such a good time and learned so much I signed up for a Carbine 1 class. Seth and Brad are great instructors, I reviewed the 6/13 Def Pistol 1 class at Cheshire in another thread on this forum and if you read that its pretty clear what I think of them. I believe that opinion is shared by the students in both classes Ive taken with them. Ive also signed up for a DEF pistol 2 class in August, any class with them is money well spent.

If you take a class with On target be prepared to shoot. Hydrate the day before and get plent of rest. Bring a serviceable firearm, plenty of mags, at least 100 rounds more than the minimum amount of reccomended ammo. This class was a 500 round minimum on the carbine and 100 on a sidearm , we all shot 600+ on the carbine. Dress so you can move and get dirty, Bring water, snacks, gun lube, sunblock, a notebook.

I took the carbine class because I have this gun in my safe that is a Ferrari 458 and because of the range limitations at the club where I shoot I drove it like a 73 Buick. I wanted to learn what this gun could do and what I could do with it. We had 9 students in the class with varying levels of exp. A couple folks like me who could shoot but had never run a carbine fast to 2 guys who looked like they slept with their rifles. We started with some slow precision drills to confirm our sight over bore hold over at close ranges and then it was on. Seth and Brad keep the tempo up in class ; the drills are set up so you crawl, walk, run, run faster. No matter what your skill level you will test your failure points allowing you to shoot faster and more accurately by the end of class. You will be constantly ingrained that you are shooting to save a life and only hits count.

Lecture time is these classes is short and to the point. They reinforce safety, awareness, avoidance and doing anything you can never to have to use deadly force. The rest of the class is geared toward if God forbid you have to fight...WIN.

If want to take a great class at a fantastic pricepoint from a couple of guys that care about their students then you owe it to yourself to take a class from On Target. Seth and Brad arent out to sell you some product or tell you how good they are like some internet commandos. It does not matter what your experience level is you will learn something and you will run yourself, your gun and gear better and faster. You will meet some great people along the way. The students in both the classes Ive taken were stand up folks who were there to train. I learned something from all of them and I thank them for the experience as well.

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