On Target Firearms

Jan 29, 2021
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Dealt with On Target Firearms in Dracut MA this past week. I have been looking for a MA Compliant M&P9 2.0 Compact with 4” Barrel-no safety. Found one on Gunbroker.com and On Target is a licensed FFL on the site. I emailed owner and he advised to order online if I really wanted based on current environment.

Ordered pistol online And It was shipped to On Target. I went to On Target this morning and 15 minutes later was on my way home with hard to find M&P I wanted for $30 Transfer Fee.

Friendly Staff at On Target and Definitely Recommend!

Also they have an indoor Range!
I'd love to try the range there, as it is really close to home, but I am from the wrong side of the line
Gun range overthere is nice, just that range safety guy overthere a bit strict on gunsafety,so dont made any newbies mistakes if you shoot there like i did.
Story time
Nothing big,was shooting my ccw, then i put it back in my holster. Safety guy said i was sweeping the shooter next lane while i was putting my gun away, i did not.
i only been to their range once, it kinnda funny to watch the range safety guy doing his job watching newbies shooters, i will not do that job even they pay me 100 bucks an hour lol.
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