Oh Canada!


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Feb 25, 2005
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"I have a background from my younger days in hockey. When somebody slammed you into the boards with undue force and aggression, you took their number," Emerson said. "I think we've got to take their number."


I will once again remind people that I hate the Canadian Goverment. [evil]
Their hockey analogy reminds me of watching a game a few years back. Gordie Howe had a little run in with one of young turks who styled himself an "enforcer". Howe, probably in his early 60's back then, was away from the play at the time. This guy comes clear across the ice and slams Howe with everything he's got. As the guy skates away with a self-satisfied look on his face (having shown the old man how the game's really played) Howe stands up and gives the kid a funny look, seeming to say "Gee, is tht the best youv'e got?" A few minutes later, Howe starts about 6 feet from the kid with a clean check into the boards. The kid goes down on the ice for acouple of minutes, looking a lot like a gaffed tuna, flopping around a bit, desparately trying to suck air into his lungs.

Take you best shot, guys. Just don't act surprised if you get your head handed to you.

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