Obsolete Man Skills


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Apr 12, 2007
Today that isn't hard. It's like, mega easy.

Today's trend is - whatever pants you are wearing, wear a shade of brown shoe.

I'll be damned that 30 years ago, I was the only schlub with brown shoes. There was one guy that was older who would wear brown shoes with a charcoal suit. That was it. (I can't wear brown and charcoal. Too strange for me.)

Today, everyone is wearing brown with everything BUT black pants/jeans/trousers/slacks. So strange. Shoes just STICK out like they are on wimmins or something.
Wait what? Shoes need matching? Whatever for? Unless you mean match the activity. Eg for every day wear, I put on sneakers. Hiking, I get the Merrils. Snow removal or walking through a swamp, I get the 18 inch rubber Muck type of boots. Mowing lawn, I put on last year's sneakers. Beach == sandals. Simple.
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