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NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

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Feb 26, 2005
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home courses are given from April thru November each year. This course requires that you have completed NRA PPIH (or are an NRA PPIH Instructor) before taking this course. It is also required that you take this course prior to taking the NRA PPOH Instructor course.

My full schedule is always posted on my training website. If you go to the "events" page there you will see all courses currently planned at any time.

I only post one class at a time on NES, so that they don't get buried in all the other threads in the general Training sub-forum.

The way that I run it this class is that it is 15+ hours (over 2 days, day 2 is ~5.5hrs on the range) and you have ~1 hour of "homework" to do prior to the class. There is a healthy dose (1-2 hrs) of what the personal and legal ramifications are in the event that you must use deadly force (and the laws for outside the home are significantly different than inside the home).
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