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NRA membership question

Oct 13, 2006
Centrally located in the PRM
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I'm looking to join the NRA as it is a requirement for membership at the Southboro Rod and Gun Club. My question is, if I sign up for say, the 5 year membership for $125 and 5 years down the road I decide I still want to be a member, can I count that $125 towards the "Life time membership" for $750? Or will I have to start over with a balance of zero?

Thanks in advance,
The way you ask the question, no. Unless you get some commitment from the NRA that this would be a down payment on a life membership it's simply a term membership payment.

Your best bet would be to look into some sort of payment plan for a life membership. It's most likely not going to get any less expensive in the future.
FPrice, thanks for the info... That's pretty much what I guessed. I guess I was looking for the extended EPL plan... meaning $25/year instead of $25/quarterly for the life membership. I'm just out of college, so I've gotta make my pennies count. :) Guess I'll just bite the bullet and fork the $100/year.

Thanks again
I'm looking to join the NRA as it is a requirement for membership at the Southboro Rod and Gun Club.

thanks for joining the NRA.

First off...Welcome to the forum, Tom!

While I'm very glad you're joining the NRA, I hope your ONLY reason isn't because it's a membership requirement. You should be doing it because it is the backbone for us gunnies, and you should want to support it.
After posting, I realized my intentions came out slightly skewed. I do want to join for all the right reasons. I do believe the NRA is one of the few organizations keeping us gunnies alive, especially here in MA. While I've always had the intentions of joining, I will admit, if I didn't have to join right now to be a member of this club, I would probably have waited until I could really afford to. Being fresh out of college, this hobb -- errr... obsession really doesn't help the already flat-lined bank account. But, as I greatly enjoy shooting, and it will hopefully soon be a part of my career (police officer... though probably not in this state by the looks of things) I think the NRA is a very worthwhile investment... It just means I have to shoot the 9mm 200 rds less per annual quarter [laugh]

Thanks for all the help guys.

This is a great site... It's nice to find something dealing with only the local issues. Really nice to have a chance to meet a lot of you folks, too.

Happy shooting![smile]
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