"NRA Member": VT State senator accused of sexual assault


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Dec 13, 2006
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A Vermont state senator is facing criminal charges of sexual assault, human trafficking and prohibited acts, the Vermont State Police confirmed Thursday night.

Sen. Norman H. McAllister, R-Franklin, is in the midst of his second two-year term as a Republican senator covering most of Franklin County and the town of Alburgh in Grand Isle County. He has been a successful large dairy farmer and active community member.

The Burlington Free Press was first to report that police arrested McAllister, 63, of Highgate on Thursday evening after he spent the day at the Statehouse working on legislative issues, including an education governance debate. State police plainclothes detectives confronted McAllister outside the Statehouse during a break in legislative debate late Thursday afternoon.

He is due to be arraigned at 11 a.m. Friday in Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans.



They had to throw this in:

"He is a member of the NRA."

The girl in the blue skirt had a nice pair of legs.

Was that other guy his bodyguard?

Will he lose his guns?
Also, Norman has the letters N,r, and a in that order. Eeeeevil.

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I wonder if he also belonged to Costco or had a Dunkin Donuts rewards card
innocent until proven guilty....plus there isn't a lot in the story. Sexual assault charges because he may have negotiated sex for rent????

Have to wait and see.
innocent until proven guilty....plus there isn't a lot in the story. Sexual assault charges because he may have negotiated sex for rent????

Have to wait and see.

Yeah, they have cheapened the charges of human trafficking to the point where they match solicitation. This may be nothing but a guy who negotiated sex for rent. And in PA, this wouldn't have even been prostitution or solicitation.
Cops typically arrest powerful politicians if there is significant evidence.
They got him on wiretap.

Don't bet on it here. Tom Delay walked on his charges and the prosecutor has already dropped charges the cops wanted here.

State police said Thursday night that McAllister had been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, but Franklin County State's Attorney Jim Hughes said Friday after reviewing the police paperwork he opted not to proceed on those charges.

Based on the link you posted, the sexual assault charges are based solely on soliciting people for sex. Is that what you think of as sexual assault? Where is the threat? Where did he say or else? I am betting this is an issue of the process is the punishment.

ETA: Don't take this to mean I think this DB is a nice person or something. He may well have raped the third girl (though the fact that she didn't come forward is interesting) which could justify the unnatural acts charges. I just smell a major setup. That one of the women tried to get him to fix a ticket says to me the cops gave her that ticket in order to set up the guy. It tells me the cops were looking to pile on solid charges on top of something that may not be solid.
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He is is a diary farmer, yet he owns no cows.

Maybe he was getting the milk for free.

Can I throw this one in here:

Also, did they take away his guns?
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