NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course


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Sep 16, 2008
Southeast MA
I had the pleasure of attending the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course with Jon Green at the New Bedford Rod & Gun Club. Many thanks to the club for hosting the event. The club facilities were great and the members very nice. I will likely be sending in my application next month for another outdoor venue to shoot at. I also want to thank Jon for instructing the course and making it very enjoyable for us and raising a bunch of money for the Boy Scouts[wink].

For anyone considering taking this course...stop considering it and just do it. I was amazed at the amount of gun handling safety practices that we as shooters think we are using but may not be fully appreciating until you are with instructors or extremely experienced shooters from other shooting event types. It is a perfect class for giving those who are very experienced with Bullseye and pistol events (and safety measures) practical experience with High Power matches and long guns and vice versa. We were lucky to have members of the High Power match team that achieve national success in our class and gained immensely from their knowledge and experience. There was an extremely beneficial aspect of range safety operating procedures, logistics, range rules and emergency procedures that I feel many members from each club should know. You are also taught how to develop your own safety briefings for events and tailor them to your facility and event specific needs. MA gun laws are discussed and Jon does his best to answer your questions regarding our rights, the current laws (as confusing as they are) and the efforts being made by GOAL to help our sporting hobby and citizens rights.

I personally gained an immense amount of practical knowledge from this course. I found it to the best class I have taken to date. To Jon's credit, that is the same comment I heard from multiple members of the class as well. Word of caution to those taking the class...beware of the "W" word and bring lots of $1 bills.[smile]
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