Nov 10 archery doe

Aug 21, 2008
western Ma
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634 am. 134 lbs dressed.

I may have messed up up shooting her. She came in and hung around for like 10 mins before I couldnt take it any more and shot her. Figured no buck folowing at that point. Shot her. She bounded 10 yards and stood there for like 5 mins then very slowly walked off. I lost sight of her in the binos at about 40 yards. 5 mins later scanning the area with the binos I see an absolute giant standing there looking my way. Biggeat deer I have ever seen, or have ever had on camera. And I have had some big ones on camera. No good shot, too far too much stuff in the way. He walked off the way she went and her companions ran at the shot. I grunted and bleated but only got a breif cursary look from him. Had I let her pass I prob would have gotten a shot at him.


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Nice Job Rob! Good Video too!

Hate to say it but you gotta pass the does this time of year, if you want the Racker. Tough though, meat is meat.

Got this guy today 125 dressed, I don't shoot does, but I don't pass anything in MA with antlers anymore. Meat is meat!


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Thanks Mark

My rule has always been first deer with a long nose (adult deer) that gives me an opportunity goes in the freezer

That being said she hung around for almost 10 mins before I shot her. I figured if a buck was with her I would have seen him by then. Lesson learned.

Congrats on your buck!

Can't fault anyone in MA that hunts for meat to shoot the first decent deer they see. Its not other states, like NY, CT, PA and the midwest where you can easily shoot a doe for meat anytime.

At least in the zones and areas I hunt in MA........hard hunting and I'm lucky to see a deer sometimes.

In CT it was easy....take a few does on the first time down in September. Then in November, your just watching does and little racks go by and waiting for Mr Big.
I shoot the first deer that gives me the opportunity, tag is filled, freezer is filled and pressure is off and can be selective after that. The way the orange army is down here they will wipe out a good portion of the herd.
Ya can't eat antlers. ;)

Great job.

We have this lone doe that comes by the house on Sat AM's. ???? Decent size. Not huge, not tiny. Wife says on Friday. "I think we lost our doe." ????

"Yeah. I heard some shots in the woods yesterday."

Ummm, Jen. It's not shotgun season. If someone shot her, it's illegal. Bow season. LOL

The gal (the doe, not my wife) showed up on schedule on Sat AM. Browsed the small saplings on the edge of the yard and wandered off into the woods.
Sad update to the buck. I had another encounter with him on the 19th. About 4 pm he came trotting and grunting about 50 yards behind me. I had estrus out and he stopped when he hit the scent stream. I grunted and bleated after about 5 mins of him standing there. He then worked his way in to about 25 yards but keeping stuff between me and him preventing a shot opportunity. He walked back and forth between two shooting lanes but never got into the open for me. He just did not see what he wanted to see to commit to those last two steps I needed him to take and finally just walked away in the direction he was originally headed. He walked by one of my cams on the way out. Awe inspiring animal for sure.


Thanksgiving night I got another photo of him that broke my heart.
Right antler is snapped off just past the brow tine. left antler is snapped off just past the G3. Thinking he had a run in with a vehicle. Chances of another deer big enough to do that kind of damage in a fight I think is pretty low.

At this point if I see him again he gets a pass and I just hope he makes it to next year

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