North East Shooters Get Together

Can you make Oct. 8-10 weekend?

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Mar 9, 2005
Haverhill, MA
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Can you make the Columbus Day weekend for the NES bash? (Keeping in mind it's a tentative date as range is being worked on now...
Sorry, but I'll be down in Florida for a couple of weeks popping a few caps with my son (and hopefully starting my oldest granddaughter on her way to becomming an unrepentant hoplophile).

Lynne, X2 on me as well. The wife and I have discussed it and should both be going. We usually get out that weekend anyways. I'll plan on traveling down on Friday, since it's a decent sized trip (also normal for us).
Do we have any idea what geographic part of which state this will be held in??
I should be able to make at least one night, Saturday would be the best for me. I think my wife is working that weekend so we'll see what her schedule looks like as we get closer.


NH only requires permits to carry concealed. Anyone can possess firearms without "mother may I" permission slips.

Not a problem.
I have connected with an alternate location in Southern NH that is interested in hosting us.

Email being sent to Derek and Lynne to deal with details.
Of course, I'll let you know, that a NH NR Permit is dirt cheap, though it doubled in price last month (from $10 to $20). And it is valid in a whole bunch of states. Takes a week or less.
Nickle said:
Of course, I'll let you know, that a NH NR Permit is dirt cheap, though it doubled in price last month (from $10 to $20). And it is valid in a whole bunch of states. Takes a week or less.

Not quite. It was $10 for residents and $20 for non-residents. My 2nd NH CCW and both cost the same ($20).
Must be CRS.

I thought I only paid $10 (lloks like I did pay $20), oh well, old age. It's still cheap, my point was sarcastic anyways. Better than other places, like Florida or Mass.
Chris said:
That part of October is the "Red Zone" for us. Not making any commitments at all as there is no idea when the lil fella will want out.

Ya Chris, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. We're going to have to induce a week early so you can make it. :D
Speaking of, is there still any word about bringing children? Mine is two, and we also have one cooking, but it's not due to come out until February.

But, if there's going to be an issue with bringing children, or if no one else is going to bring them, then I'm going to be out.
Slight correction... I can make it during the day, but Saturday night is right out. Tickets to see Camelot that night.

C-pher, I don't think there is a problem bringing children. I wont be bringing mine, but others are more than welcome to.

Too early to tell if kids will be welcome. Once location arrangements are made and we know what the rules of the club are that we are using, we should be able to answer that question.

My personal take on the question is as follows:
- If the kids are "gun safe" and supervised by parents, bring them and let them shoot!
- If the parents can keep ear protection on the kids, so nobody is in jeopardy of hearing loss near the range, fine with me.
- If the parents can keep the children under control so that those on the line don't have to worry about them running around (safety issue), I have no problem with kids at the event.

The idea is to have a family event and that includes children if they can be safe and controlled easily by the parents. [lol]

That's my 2cents!

BTW: Two of the clubs that I joined over the years were/are very family-friendly and this was real important to me! Even for those of us who chose not to have children, a family-friendly club says a lot about the type of people who are members . . . and it is all good.
Yea, the plan would be that Mom and the kid would stay AWAY from the fireing line.

I was under the impression that the camp site and the range were going to be far enough away from each other as not to require ears and eyes.

Like I said, my wife is only going for the camping, as I thought there were going to be other wives doing the same. If that's also not true, then that will be good to know as well. As if my Wife is just going to be sitting around the camp site alone, I don't know if she's going to want to go as well.

I'm just trying to figure out a way to keep my whole family happy, and I still get to camp and shoot.

I just know that the wife WILL NOT shoot while we're there.

If the range is right next to the camp site, then I don't want to bother with the children. And I know that we're not going to know most of this until you guys shore up the plans.

But I just wnat to have an idea ss this date is coming pretty quick.
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