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May 24, 2005
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Mass residents only:

OK, Bill H4552, "An Act Protecting the Rights of Target Shooters", is currently 'stuck' in the Senate awaiting a vote. (yes, I know it still has an 'H' number, but that's because there haven't been any ammendments!)

Our opponents, with political pressures are trying to quietly let this bill die. We can NOT allow this. If brought to a vote, it is very likely to pass as is.

Details of the bill can be found here.

Please, if you do anything to help support your rights, and even if you've done it already, write, call, e-mail, and fax your state senators and demand that they support this bill as is with no ammendments.

Tell your friends, neighbors, clubs, etc. If we don't rally and support this NOW, our opponents will just sit quietly and 'forget' to bring the bill for a vote. The legislative session ends this fall and any bills not acted upon die with it. We've come too far with this to fail now.
This is a version of my email I just sent (its not exactly what I wrote, this was the first draft and I didnt save the sent email). I'm not great with words so I did my best. Everybody on this site should be doing this today!

[email protected]
I write to you today to ask for you to vote in favor of Bill H.4552 with no amendments. I live in Hanson and am a competition shooter. I travel throughout the United States to participate in sanctioned shooting competitions. It is now very difficult for us (Ma.residents) to compete with others on a National level. The firearms used in these competitions are high dollar purpose manufactured for competition use. I ask you to support the shooters of Massachusetts and vote in favor of H.4552.

This is a letter that I sent my Senator. Hamar, I used your points as I liked them, and it changed it up from what I sent him last time...Hope you don't mind.

The Honorable Scott Brown
State House
Room 520
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Senator Brown:

I just wanted to thank your for your support the Bill H4552. The Act Protecting the Rights of Target Shooters is important because as I travel around in different competitions throughout New England, Massachusetts. And when we're in other states, we don't have the option to compete at the level of others as we don't have the equipment available that others have.

I do understand that this bill is currently waiting for a vote in the Senate. And I'm writing you to find out how we, as Massachusetts residents, can help move this along before the Fall break?

Again, thank you for your support,

Christopher Mantia
<address removed>
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