No Money to Donate to Goal or Comm2A . Selling this for proceeds


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Oct 10, 2013
People's Republik of Massachusets
Guys Goal and Comm2A need all the money and support they can get. Money is tight with a wedding on the way and I don't want to sell any guns.

Got this in Vietnam and it costed me about $140. The lady wants it down from the shelf in the livingroom and I am not attached to it. If anyone shows a receipt for a $70 donation to goal and $70 to Comm2a. They can have this. pick up is in Allston.

Pm' me

Don't know if I should accept first offer or auction it. Please note I do not want your money, I want you to make a donation to Comm2a or Goal so I am not directly benefiting from this. Donation receipt must be date/timed after our agreement to sell.

If anyone thinks Goal or Comm2a needs more money for this current situation, let me know and explain why. I genuinely do not know if this is a legislative or a statutory issue. Not my wheelhouse.

It's a cool piece and can find a better home. Even if you don't care much for it, if you have the disposable income, donate to Comm2A or Goal and get this free wooden statue.

Link to the figurine that I have.
The bayonet in this one is backwards because the barrel pops off but you can screw it on right.
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