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Nightmare in New York

Aug 25, 2006
East Greenbush, NY
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Nightmare in New York

Ladies and Gentleman,

Do you want to beep your hand guns? Do you want to keep your semi-auto hunting rifles and shotguns? Do you want every piece of ammunition you buy, if you can still buy it, serialized? Do you want tagents in your black powder? Do you want a one gun per month limit? Do you want a mandatory cooling off/waiting period? Do you want to have all 50 caliber firearms banned? Do you want the COBIS program expanded? Do you want mandatory storage programs? Do you want mandatory trigger lock programs? Do you want an expanded so-called assault weapons ban expansion? Do you want you right to carry concealed revoked? Do you want higher fees? Do you want renewable pistol licenses? Do you want smart guns mandated? Do you want larger school zones? Do you want more prohibitions limiting where you can carry your firearm?

Should I go on? Those items are all parts of legislation proposed by the NYC Democrats.

Do you want Hillary Clinton re-elected? Do you want Andrew Cuomo elected? Do you want Elliot Spitzer elected? Do you want New York State turned into another New Jersey or California?

Do you know we are approximately two weeks from all this happening? The time has come for a lot less talk and much more action!!

I hear you out there saying what is he talking about? I spread the word, I send comments to a blog or I’m on an email list.

This year that is not enough. You have to support the NYSRPA ranked candidates with time, recruitment and money. Don’t go to deer, duck or elk camp. Stay in your local areas and recruit other like minded people to help your pro gun candidate. Volunteer your time and that of your hunting buddies to support those candidates who will help you protect your Second Amendment rights. Start a phone bank to get our people out to vote. Raise money for them, campaigns are expensive.

We have to elect John Spencer, John Faso and Jeanine Pirro as well as our local Second Amendment supporting elected officials. Send a message to the New York City Democrats and Mayor Blumberg. Show them that the real New York is gun friendly and a safe place to live.

Most importantly we must protect Senator Joe Bruno and the Republican controlled New York State Senate. If we fail to protect the Senate the horrors listed in the first paragraph will become a nightmarish reality. It is out of my hands now and the responsibility is yours. Do the right thing!!!

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