Nightmare for a deputy.

Sad story.

I remember the anxiety I felt when told my battalion had lost a soldier in Iraq in 2004, and how bad I worried until I was told it wasn't James. Of course, when I heard who it was a little later, boom, bad feelings right back again.

This guy HAD to go through worse.
Cledus J. Crabb said:
..........especially when you work in your hometown........right, Jon?
You got it! So far I have responded to 2 MVA's while working that involved 2 of my children. Both minor, thank God. First Officers on scene gave me the heads up and that they were OK.
My mother-in-law had to do that when my father -in-law was police chief. Then when my brother-in-law was killed the police chief came and got my mother-in-law to go to my sister-in-laws to tell her.
Not a job I'd want to do.
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