NH Rebuttal to MASS Blame Game

Aug 17, 2005
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Gun crime in Boston? Just blame northern New England

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SHOOTINGS in Boston are up 28 percent over last year, The Boston Globe reported last week. One culprit the Globe singled out: New Hampshire gun laws.

The paper noted that police have traced some guns to "New Hampshire and Vermont, where firearms laws are less strict and easy for criminals to manipulate."

Or, to put it another way, they have traced guns to New Hampshire and Vermont, where firearms laws are less strict and citizens have an easier time obtaining guns for self-defense. If our firearms laws are the cause of high gun crime, then why is most of the crime in Boston?

Boston mayor Thomas Menino professes to be angered by the guns coming into his city and wants to meet with regional and national officials to "stop the flow of guns across state borders," according to the Globe. That, of course, is impossible, but no doubt the mayor will try anyway. It beats taking responsibility for controlling crime in his own city.

We can sympathize with frustrated Boston residents whose neighborhoods are terrorized by criminals bringing danger from out of state. Why, right here in New Hampshire we are witnessing an explosion in crimes fueled by heroin addiction. Dominican gangs based in Massachusetts are the predominant suppliers of heroin to New Hampshire, according to federal officials. Where are the Bay State officials outraged about drug dealers crossing state borders?

In New Hampshire, we realize that citizens having ready access to guns is beneficial, as national data show that guns are used more often for defensive than offensive purposes. If Mayor Menino were to succeed in preventing guns from crossing state lines, he would effectively disarm many Massachusetts residents, thus making them more vulnerable to criminals. Just because a gun crossed a state line does not mean a criminal carried it over for criminal purposes.

If Boston leaders really want to reduce gun-related crimes in their city, we have a suggestion. Forget the guns; catch and lock up the criminals. The guns aren't going to go out on the streets and shoot by themselves.

Perhaps New Hampshire can help out, though. We could make a deal. We'll keep all our guns if Massachusetts keeps all its drug dealers.
I am not what you would call a die hard Manchester Union Leader fan, but this article is right on the money ! I am sure that the wisdom of it will not reach "hizzoner" ...but even if he did read it, he wouldn't get it...such is the sad state of affairs in the City of Beans and Cod.


C-pher said:
I like it...I would hope that Mumbles has read it..

Mumbles read?? [lol] [lol] [lol]

His reading comprehension is as good as his public speaking skills! [roll]
Forget the guns; catch and lock up the criminals.

What a radical concept!!!

Except, about half the criminals in Boston are outside the state house. You can guess where the other half are.
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