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Jul 27, 2016
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Looking for a little insight on a few items....
1. Based on what I have read / researched - I can put all of my firearms in my NFA trust (correct?) - can I also place other items, i.e. machine tools / shop items / coins etc in the same trust?
2. How do I finalize the trust? Is it complete and enforceable once the notary seals it? Does it need to be filed anywhere?

Thanks in advance.
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A trust is just a third party legal entity. It can "own" things just like a person. Ownership needs to transferred to the trust.

IANAL but did work in Finance for a time and dealt with them a little.

Good luck.
Yes you can put anything in the same trust including tools.

If it is a registered or titled asset such as an equity account or property then the registration and/or title must be changed to reflect the trust. For example your form 4 will have the trust for your M16 or your F-150 title.

For anything else or something like grandma's Tiffany lamp (especially something without a serial number) a description is sufficient but could be challenged at a later time.
Thanks for the replies - I was able to confirm through a lawyer as well. MA doesn't require a filing and the trust is in effect after it is funded/notarized. Any property can go in it.
Thanks again!
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