Next Uspsa Match - Connecticut

Dec 7, 2005
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The next USPSA match will be run by the Connecticut Sport Shooters at the Hartford Gun Club on April 23.

These guys have been working very hard to bring another opportunity for USPSA action to our area. This is only their second season and adequate support will be crucial to their success. If you can make the time to attend one of their matches at this great facility, you'll not only have a good time, but you'll be helping to recognize the initiative and effort of the CSS crew.

The club is located in Granby, CT, roughly half-way between Springfield and Hartford.
This club is definitely worth the trip - great people, and a really nice green turf on the ranges - it's almost like shooting on a golf course. I forgot the name, but the restaurant you pass on the right a couple of miles after leaving the club is a really good place to eat on the way home.
GTOShootr said:
This match was cancelled.
This doesn't look too good for this club. Any idea why the match was cancelled? I believe they cancelled at least one match last season too.
I guess. I went to MAShooter's IDPA match (don't ask how I did!) in New Bedford. The bad weather held off and it was actually a nice day for a match. I don't know how it was down in Hartford.
I shot what was advertised as an "Action Pistol" match here on the sand bar. Sorry, but I won't go back. Nice people but I realized the value of Kevlar and wish I had worn some. It was a little scary. (and I used to train LE) Wish I had been where you were.
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