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Oct 30, 2020
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Hi everyone, name’s Chris.
Pretty much a newb to firearms , have gone to the range with friends and family a few times.
I have recently acquired my LTC and browsing around all the information that I can before purchasing a firearm.
Welcome Chris. If you're born in '98, that means you're 23/24 years old. Good on you for getting your LTC early. Stick to this forums and you'll learn everything.
Thank you all for the warm welcome’s and hope to pick your brains in the future.
Hey Chris! I’m gonna do you a solid here… you’ll thank me later…

Noveske lowers aren’t really worth $1,500 and guys who love their titanium wallets are gay… 😉

Also look for your welcome package with info on the secret handshake and your NES sash and CCW badge. I’m still waiting on mine but I hear their out there!!!! 😝

Welcome and enjoy!
Grab a copy of Guns n Ammo,,,go to Denly’s ,order a pie and a beer and read up on something interesting,,,
I doubt they have Wi-Fi,,,,😂🤣😂
if it ships to MA don't advertise it here
you do not need a license to bring your gun to nh
if the ffl sells it to you, you can own it
you can't saw off the barrel on your shotty
cat pictures and videos must be restrained to this thread only to avoid backlash: feline thread

welcome to NES.

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