Newb: Back by indifferent demand!


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Mar 3, 2022
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Hi all - I very much appreciate all the great information and courtesy shown on this forum. I used to browse this site a ton back in the day, but took a hiatus from shooting to care for my ailing Dad. We lost him a few weeks ago, so looking for something to fill the void and get my ass back out in the fresh air of Harvard, MA. So to all, hello, and apologies for stupid questions in advance!

Condolences on your father's passing.

But welcome back. It's the same old NES, warm, cuddly, and friendly at all costs. /S
Cherish the memories. Losing your parents is not easy. God bless and my condolences to you all.
Sorry for the loss of your Dad. It's tough losing your parents at any age.
As for the "courtesy" 🤣...well, sometimes!
Sorry for your loss, it's hard to loose someone that make a difference in your life.
No need to apologize for future posts as you will be dragged over the coals of ridicule just like everyone else.
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