WTS New Unfired Saiga 12 with Box - Trades Considered.

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Jan 27, 2009
Central NH and Boston Metro West
Sold Pending Funds. Mods please do not take this down yet.

Hi All,

I've decided to sell my Saiga 12 to buy an other box of .223. Ha.

Well, increased demand means that I won't have to bang my head against the wall to find a buyer. Hopefully.

This Saiga was purchased new by me. It is new and unfired. Purchase includes the firearm, box and all documentation.

I'm posting without photos for the time being. The gun is buried in the back of the safe with a gun sock on it and the box is in the part of the attic I have crawl to get to. I'll get a pic up within a day or so. But suffice to say it looks like an original Saiga 12.

I'm setting an absurd price while I try to figure what its worth. If anyone has a link to another internet ad please send it on.

$900 Or Best Offer. - ***Edit - I have received multiple offers at or above $900. Considering them now. I guess $900 was not so absurd. Until I tell you "Sold" its not a done deal.

Standard rules apply.

  1. Cash only for in person. Personal check, USPS Money order, or Paypal for shipped sale. Either "send money to a friend" or +3.5% for normal PayPal.
  2. In person transfer to be completed at my gun club in Woburn
  3. I can ship to local FFL of your choice +my shipping costs.
  4. All Federal, State, and local laws will be followed. I'm 99% sure that means no shipping to CT, where the Saiga 12 is named in the 2013 AWB.
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