New Member- Taunton Gun Club?

Dec 27, 2013
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Hi Everyone- New member considering joining Taunton Gun Club. Anyone have experience there and do you recommend?

Curious if anyone also knows details on qualifying to use 300yd range?
I've been a member there about five years. Not that guy that visits every week but I've always liked it. Haven't had a reason to use the outdoor range yet.
I’ve been a member for a number of years. Great club, never a wait. Both indoor and outdoor range are well maintained. Don’t know about 300 range, but info on the website
Big club, if you apply be prepared to wait a long time, both my SIL's applied, in April and May I believe and their membership and orientation won't be ready until November and December. I have only been a member for a. year + but from what I have seen its the best club I have belonged too. I haven't shot the outdoor range yet as Somerset Sportsman's is just so close to home and they re-opened the 300 yard range this year and there is no qualification to use it.
Been a member at TR&P for years. Don't shoot as frequently as I would like because life. Everything is key card accessed and indoor hours are basically at your convenience. Since I mostly shoot on weekends, I'm mostly at the outdoor range. Plenty of lanes for 50 and 100. Almost never busy, given how large the club is. 300 is a PITA to use as it can't be used when trap is running. Need to unlock the gate, set the flag, etc. Also have to qualify for it to get the special badge. Qual is simple on the 100 yard range to show competence with your rifle.

It's inexpensive and available when I need it. Also don't have RSO's all over you like some clubs. Everyone is responsible for safety and following the rules, the way it should be.
Hi. I know this is a bit aged but wanted to toss in my two cents. I've been a member for a while, so I'm more than a bit biased.

No sponsor is needed to apply. That's largely a holdover from the 60's when the club had nearly two hundred members...times have changed. In practice, anyone who has an LTC is presumed to be 'moral enough' to join. Lack of an LTC isn't a disqualifier, either.

300 yard range - qualification is pretty straightforward. It isn't designed to keep people off the range, it is to to ensure that every round fired on the range stays in the range. The course of fire is on page 20 of the range rules, here -

Right now the club is only accepting 25 applicants per month; this was done to control the rate of growth and ensure that members will be able to use the ranges. There is a waiting list. If anyone wants to join, get on the list now.
Also don't have RSO's all over you like some clubs
I am calling BS on this one. The RSO's there have busted my balls several times over the last decade. Once was told that it is illegal to use pre-ban 30-round magazines in post ban rifles. More than once have been asked what kind of ammo we were shooting as green tip .233 rounds are prohibited. Was yelled at and told my membership would be revoked for shooting too early one Sunday morning. Too bad it was the idiot in the next lane with a scoped 1911 in a drop leg holster. Only when another member confirmed it was not me did he back down. No apology

Range rules are pretty clear. Green tip isn’t AP, but even if it is considered by the club as AP, it is allowed on the outdoor range. Just can’t use tracers, explosive or incendiary ammo outside. Can’t fire rifles indoors excelt .22 and 5.56 isn’t authorized for indoor use as a pistol caliber so keep it to the outdoor range and you’ll be fine. Any RSO who gives you crap about using green tip 5.56 outdoors can be shown the rules and asked where it is prohibited. It isn’t.. If an RSO tries to say green tip is considered “unsafe”, bring it to the board. It’s not why that rule is there, else it would be called out explicitly like tracers or AP in indoor.

There is also no rule against pre-bans anywhere. Just someone showing their ignorance of MA law as well as the clubs rules.

The hours of operation of the outdoor range are clear. 9-sundown mon-sat, 10-sundown sundays. seems like it is easy to solve for any issues there.

I’ve been a member there for years and never had an issue. Follow the rules and have the rules handy electronically and you’ll be fine. If you have a complaint, bring it to the board and it should be addressed.
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