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Feb 9, 2018
TLDR New in wrapper preban 30 round USGI magazines with external date stamp on them for 90$ a piece at the shop or by mail (with proof of LTC). These can hold 30$ worth of 5.56!!! Also have brand new condition just not in the wrapper externally date stamped ones for 70$ each

-New In Wrapper Externally Dated: 90$

-New in Wrapper with date on wrapper: 80$

-New condition, not wrapped, externally dated: 70$

-SOLD OUT-New condition, not wrapped, internally dated Okay Industries: (60$)

-Undated 30-rounders: 50$

TPNES has been sourcing and dumping pre-ban USGI AR15 30 and 20 round magazines ever since election/covid/riots begun. It’s no secret there’s a huge demand for them. Sometimes someone cleans out Vietnam vet hoarder-grandpa’s garage and finds a crate of them but more often than not these come from off-base military surplus shops across the country and pickers drive around buying them up and selling them to retailers in ban-states. Sometimes people in MA “move to Florida” and are selling off their prebans “before they move”. Unfortunately this windfall that existed before ECR seems to be drying up now that the gig is up. I’ve had trouble replenishing mags in bulk lately but have kept my prices the same throughout.

But the NES lower zombies demand more 30 round freedom dealing clips that can fire 400 rounds per second through their evil super Killy ASSAULT RIFLES with barrel shrouds and shoulder things that go up. These WEAPONS OF WAR deserve to be fed from HIGH CAPACITY scary magazines that were made for the US MILITARY.

So I went out and sourced 100 magazines, new in wrapper as the day it was born, WITH EXTERNAL DATE STAMPS, and another 75 of them new with external stamp but not in wrapper, verifying your magazine is pre-ban and therefore not scary and evil and illegal, unlike those post-94 magazines that are fundamentally different and evil and illegal. (Who makes this shit up?).

Get your grubby paws on them while you can while they last. Brand new, in wrapper, external date stamps. Hell throw a magpul anti-tilt follower and it’s as good as made in 2021 (except it’s not, and therefore LEGAL...).

Valid LTC-A in MA required. First come first served. These will be available at the shop should you choose to come by, or if you pay electronically and send me photo of your LTC these can be mailed to you instead. Your choice! Now get out there and start shooting...


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