New Hampshire Gun Rights Group; Does Anyone Know Who This Article is Refering To?

Aug 15, 2013
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I've recently moved to New Hampshire, fleeing a state that has whittled away at its gun rights (Maryland) and I'm dedicated to making sure it doesn't happen to my new home state.

I'm already a member of the NRA and GoA, but wanted to join a state-level group because that's where the battle for freedom is, now. My plan is to join Progun NH and GONH, but I have a question: who is this article referring to?

I don't want to join an organization that isn't doing us any favors.

I don't believe in compromise, only because I have directly witnessed where that leads.
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All three of the groups have their issues. Pro Gun NH is WRONG on SB244. I've seen Gun Owners of NH really mess up constitutional carry. NH Firearms coalition has never had an issue where I thought they compromised however, I have seen them occasionally really goof on a candidate rating or two. I am currently a member of PGNH and NH Firearms coalition. Ideally I should join all three because at rare times, the disagreements between the groups have resulted in us missing out on a good bill.
Here's a summary-

Gun Owners of New Hampshire was the first group- they are the NRA affiliate. A few years back they had an internal split regarding the role legislators should have in running the org.

Legislators left the group and started PGNH. Since the split was acrimonious- they can't agree.

Folks started the NHFC as the "no compromise" organization- so they can't agree with the other two- and those guys are insulted to be called compromisers and won't agree with NHFC....

So we have three organizations that work on firearms issues with their own agendas and a hatred of each other. Sometimes they will work together (see HB1589) other times they won't (see SB244 now and Constitutional Carry a few years back).
Yes- Pro Gun NH - if you look at their legislation page you can see they support SB244 -

Evan Nappen and Bob Clegg did a lot of speaking in favor of that bill.

Wow, they are way off base on this. I have NEVER heard of a gun rights group supporting further restrictions; They're off my list.

I just joined NHFC and am going to join soon as their website is back up.
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