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May 11, 2015
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My name is just jim I am from Oregun and I would like to thank all of you for letting me post here with you. I am a life member of the Albany Rifle and Pistol club. I have owned guns since I was nine years old and now I am retired. It's people like you that make shooting fun and again thank you for letting me be part of your day to day.

Just jim
Welcome and enjoy. If you ever come out here Im sure we can work up a fun range day (though chances are you have better toys then we can get out here anyway). Just be sure to wear a thick skin and be prepared to meet lots of 'interesting' people :)
You don't happen to know "Jerry the Geek" from that area do you. He was a very active USPSA shooter along with his wife who sadly passed on several years ago. Nice guy, lots of fun stories.
I shot IPSC for years and never met everyone. I only shoot subgun matches now and there are not a lot of guys in those.. nice there is no long wait to get on the firing line.[smile]
Welcome Jim, I am an Oregon transplant, born in Lebanon (Oregon, not the Middle East) and live in Mass now. Always nice to see new folks.
Never seen any future in being ugly to people but I can't say I havent been at times. I am no prince but I don't walk around with an attitude. I like most people.
Our club is putting on a full auto shoot this coming weekend. Lots of guns and lots of shooters. Visitors get to shoot. Basically it is a demonstration of full autos to get people interested. Shooting them is controlled in a safe manner with each shooter having an RO next to them as they try the gun out. Lots of really old machine guns and great fun. Year before they cut a car completely in half with a 50. Had a helicopter fly in with a door gun used on automobiles set up for targets. Lots of tanerite to shoot at too...[grin]
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