New Acquisition September 2023

PSA Dagger S.
Not a bad gun for $250. Only put about 100 rounds thru it. Doesn't point as well as a 1911, but not as bad as a Glock. Trigger was decent and the sight were good, although they were about 2" dead left at 10 yards. Seems to be accurate enough to stack holes at 10 yards. 25 yards at .30 splits was a shit show with it not returning to exact POA, but that is because I'm used to a 1911 angle. The ergo are much more comfortable than a glock.

DEWAT Thompson M1A1. I've been eyeing this piece for about 25 years and finally got the opportunity to buy it. The upper receiver is a blank and the bolt handle does nothing but all other parts are original WWII issue. It's an expensive paper weight but I had to have it, and it's worth what I paid and then some.
I bought kind of a paperweight/ display myself recently. Kind of a junk piece. Iver Johnson arms and Cycle .38sw top break US Revolver made in between 1909-1936. Paid $54.99. It functions as it should but i will never shoot it.View attachment 793390View attachment 793391View attachment 793392
I have my grandfather’s .32 short Iver Johnson in a shadow box with his Fall River Constable badge circa 1920’s. A Navy veteran of WW1 from the USS Texas, he became a janitor and a police constable before his accidental death in about 1937.
He thought he was ingesting baking soda for heartburn and it turned out to be rat poison.
I've generally stopped posting new acquisitions, but since we're moving out in the near future I thought I'd post this totally unexpected purchase.

Smith & Wesson 3953TSW, later version with rail. I bought it from FS which despite some of the commentary on NES is very good to deal with and has a good selection of used guns on their website. This one looks like it had a few magazines worth of ammunition put through it and then was cleaned and put away. Essentially no wear on it.

Anyway, here are the pictures. Too bad S&W doesn't make these any longer.



You know I love my AK's! Here's another I just finished today.Romy G kit bought off GB... OG Barrel numbers matching,converted to side folder. I disassembled,sandblasted and parkerized everything,then painted over with Rust-Oleum High Heat flat black then baked at 300 for a hour.Bought new Plum furniture,CNC Warrior AK-74 style brake. It's also on a Childers receiver. Just zero'd it out in the back yard, pretty impressive solid shooter.IMG_20230922_143636.jpgIMG_20230922_143708.jpg
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