NES Independence Day Smith & Wesson M&P GIVEAWAY!

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Feb 25, 2005
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READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING!!!! and Four Season Firearms would like to give away a New S&W M&P 9 on Independence Day.

Apex Tactical has added a M&P Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) to the give away.

How do you enter?

Simple, if you're a GREEN member you can simply post in this thread "In" and I will add you to the drawing.
If you are not a GREEN member become one and post "In" in this thread.
All checks for membership must be received by July 3rd. If you still want in after that date you must use GunPal or PayPal.

***Posting more than the word "In" or posting more than once will get you disqualified. ***

In order to enter you must be legally able to own a handgun in the state your residence as of NOW. All applicable laws apply.

If the winner cannot take delivery of the pistol I will draw another member.

This thread will be locked on July 4th. I will draw the lucky winner on Independence Day...
Enjoy. [wink]

If a firearm cannot be legally transferred to the winner, due to his or her ineligibility to own a firearm, or by any prohibition of the selected prize under federal, state, county or city code or ordinance, then the awarding of the prize shall be null and void. No monetary or other prize award shall be made in lieu of being unable to transfer any prizes. No substitutions, cash equivalents, or transfers of the prize are permitted. Winners are responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes and transfer fees. NES Moderators are considered green members for this giveaway.
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