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Oct 22, 2005
3,660 miles East of Beantown
Please read and enter appropriate comments at the end of the linked page.

The assignee "Armatix GmbH", a German company with (tax "optimizing" ?) links to Luxemburg and Switzerland, are lobbying our lawmakers to mandate one of their gun blocking systems by law.[angry]
They have sued the "Visier" magazine for reporting their unlocking of the darn thing within seconds, using a vibrating grinder.[rofl]

The Armatix folks were present at the Shot Show and might find some fields already fertilized for their stuff in the U.S., or why would they file a patent on your side of the pond ?
I wouldn't wonder if CA and/or MA might take up the idea.

Let's stand together and at least try to make their way a bit rough.

Thank you !
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