need light weight safe with combo lock

Aug 15, 2005
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Good day -

I need a gun safe with a combination lock that can be bolted to the floor, but that also weighs around 100lbs..not the 250-1000lbs plus that i find everywhere. I need to store 3 long guns and 3 pistols and the safe is going into my attic. I need to be able to lift it up there myself. Again, also, it needs to have a combination lock...not a key. If there is a key, my kids will get into it and that is primarily what I want to prevent.

Can anyone recommend a gun safe with these specifications?

Not a safe but an idea;
You use whatever type of lock you want.

You could also get one of the light weight gun lockers that have a key lock handle, install a heavy duty hasp and use a good quality combo lock. That's probably the route I would take with your requirements.

Cabella's has solid gun cabinets that can bolt in to the wall. We got one that holds 8 (I think) rifles and has a couple shelves and drawers on the door to put stuff in. IIRC, it was only $130.00 or so, but that was a couple years ago. It's easy to move around too - hubby and I can move it.

And I just re-read your post - it has a key lock, but it's the round kind of key - not a flat key.
thanks - I appreciate the response - I realize I may have broken protocal by posting it twice, but I was that a good excuse? Anyway - thanks for the tips.
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