National ammo week starts Monday !

I started celebrating early; bought 500 rounds of .45 at Dick's in Worcester on my way home from work Friday. $99.80 for 10 boxes of UMC (Remington) hardball. Need to go back for 500 rounds of 9mm tomorrow.
good idea

Excellent idea on Ammo. Any ongoing deals in MA, preferably not too far from Greater Boston?
Ammo month!!!

I thought this was such a good idea I figured I would make it buy ammo month. just received 1000 rounds of 303 British surplus and 1200 rounds of 7.62x25 for my CZ 52.
Next step is to try and introduce a bill to allow mass. residents to buy ammo directly.
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Yep, Dick's is also having their "big hunting sale". Click here for their prices on them. I love it that it's during National Ammo Week, too. [smile]
I've got a few bricks of 7.5 Swiss on the way along with some 7.62 Nagant pistol ammo. I like stocking up on the rarer stuff because when that dries up all that will be left is expensive modern production ammo.

you have an FFL? Got any good deals on S&W Pistols??

I would be interested in a nice used Smith if you have one


Didn't mean to steal the thread, just an inside joke
No ammo purchases for me this week, stocked up on a "few" cases of the South African 308 before it sold out last week.
I am going to start reloading. I set up my Square Deal B on Sunday, I have 2,000 tumbled cases and 1500 .45 heads. I set the seating and belling dies up, I just need powder and primer and I am in business. Should get those things on Wednesday.

I am worried the desk I mounted it to won't hold up... While adjusting the dies I had to some forceful operations and the desk creaked a bit.
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