WTS Multiple Pistols - STI Costa Carry Comp .45, Dan Wesson Valor 10mm, Glock, Sig, M&P


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Dec 10, 2010
Location: NorthShore Massachusetts
Payment - Cash, Transfer via EFA10

First Gun For Sale - STI COSTA CARRY COMP .45 2011 Double Stack with 2 Preban SVI Magazines
Price - 5000


For sale is my like new STI Chris Costa Comp Naked Slide 2011. This gun is amazing in everyway possible. Its in .45acp. Gun shoots phenomenaly. Wish I could keep it. will come with 2 VERY Rare Preban Mags. Believe they are 12 or 14 round mags. I have only put 130 rounds through the pistol.

No trades at this time.


Second Gun For Sale - Dan Wesson Valor Duty Treat 10mm 5" 1911
Price 2200


For sale is my like new Dan Wesson Valor in 10mm with Duty Treat Coating. Gun is amazing. Shoost like a laser. Less than 200 rounds fired. Added a duty treat magwell and a set of harrison grips. Will come with 2 magazines. Has night sights. Very rare gun in mass, and rare gun in 10mm duty treat as they are no longer made.

No trades at this time!


Third Gun Forsale - Glock 29sf - Tastefully Customized
Price 950

For Sale, is a gently used Glock 29sf. Gun is super fun and probably the best EDC gun. 10mm. Its been stippled by LeadBaronCustoms as well as his trigger undercut. Has upgraded Fiber TFO fiber nightsights. 2 mags. 2 holsters. Will include a 9x25 dilon barrel as well.

I have put 300 rounds through this. Never had an issue. also has a stainless guide rod too.

No trades at this time...

IMG_1359 (1).jpg

Fourth Gun For Sale - Sig P229 Legacy Slide German Frame in .40sw
Price - 800

For Sale is a VERY VERY excellent condtion Sig P229. Has a german frame, legacy slide. Was a never shot police trade it. Sig redid the whole 229. I prefered a nonrailed 229, with a german frame and legacy slide. I can't get away from carrying a 1911. This was suppose to be the EDC. Gun is like new. I fired 1 box of 50 rnds. Gun performed flawless.


Fifth Gun For Sale - M&P Shield Performance Center .45 3 Mags 2 Holsters
Price - 500

For sale is a excellent condition S&W M&P Shiled 45 Performance Center. Bought it on a whim to replace a 1911, but prefer the 1911. This has been sitting in the safe. Paid just shy of 600 for it a year ago. Ported barrel. 3 mags and 2 holsters.

shield 2.jpg

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