Moving to Salem, NH

Mar 10, 2006
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From So. VT. Where can i shoot my semi auto 1919 and m2hb? Are there many/any clubs not stricken with the PC flu? I have mostly black rifles otherwise...
Huh? I can't comment on VT clubs, but I don't know any MA club that would prevent you from shooting a semi-auto gun, black, green, or otherwise.
Well, the 1919 is belt fed and tripod mounted, the m2hb is belt fed, .50bmg, 6ft long and weighs over 100lbs with the tripod. Better question: is there a sand pit/wild area to shoot within 20ish min of salem NH?
There's not much in the way of sand pits to shoot at in southern NH from what I gather. The only thing I can think of is that the last time I was at Manchester firing line they had a belt fed sitting around. I assume they shot it so maybe someone around there may have a clue where you could go shoot.

Wish I could help more.
There's a pit near Manchester I've been to with my friend in... Deerfield, I think? I forget where it is, exactly. I know he shoots an 8mm and a .30-06 there, so the 1919 should be fine. I don't know about the Ma Deuce, though. ;-)
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