Losers in DC


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Mar 9, 2005
Litchfield, NH
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OK, so some of the usual anti-(Bush, War, Conservatives, US, whatever) bunch, supported by George Soros and have been doing this little "vigil" outside the White House as a sort of mirror ro Cindy Sheehan's circus in Crawford. Unfortunately for them, they've been heavily outnumbered by much more articulate pro-US, pro-Troops demonstrators, funded by working for a living.

There are some great photos and commentary on-line at .

MrsWildweasel said:
The news channels will never do that. It goes against their agenda. [twisted]

It's sad isn't it MWW? [roll] I will once again state that I hate socialists.
It truly is sad,because if anyone even had half a brain and read some of the MIL blogs ,they would find that the Iraqi's are actually standing up for themselves and enjoying their new found freedoms. The funny thing is I went to the family support meeting for Alan's unit this last saturday,and this fellow next to me starting talking about the mainstream news media. I turned and looked at him and told him I don't listen to them and if I want to know exactly what is going on I got to the blogs. He couldn't understand how I didn't believe what was on the news. Sheep. I also got the feeling he was an Anti but his son joined and he said now he has to support him.
It was an interesting night to say the least.
Maybe he'll start believing it, when what his son says doesn't match the big media. That's what has opened a lot of eyes up here, including some of the liberals. Thay aren't so liberal any more. More like moderate some days.
It will be interesting to say the least. Only one other at this meeting was ex-mil and our take on things are a whole lot different.
I had some interesting conversations that night. Oh I should mention that guy had no idea how dangerous convoy duty was. Talk about someone having their head in the sand. I just had to shake my head in disbelief. The other ex-mil after trying to explain it walked away and went and played basketball with the kids. I think he had the right idea.
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