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Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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OK, so I just got an older 500A, I'm guessing that it's from the 80's.

The guy that had it didn't ever get his LTC when his FID card expired. He never really got into guns, so he didn't know that they expired. He really dosn't even have any friends that has them. We were just talking to him because he works with us. He does however own a coin shop...

Anyway, he was talking about how it's been in a closet for about 10 years and that he was just going to get rid of it by turning it in. So, I said that I would take it, do all the paperwork, etc...

So, I've got several auto shutguns etc...but this is my first pump.

Anyway, I broke it down to clean it all up. The only problem is now I can't get the trigger assembly back in. It seems to be hanging up on one of the tines that holds in the round. If you're looking down on it into where you load it. It's the tine on the right. Not the one that sets into that little hole. The other one. Don't konw the technical term for it. Sorry.

Anyway, I was about to break it down again and start over AGAIN. But I don't know why it won't go back in. [shock]

I'm home because my daugher isn't feeling well. So while she was taking her nap, I was working on it. I had to stop because she's awake.

But, if you happen to know just what I'm doing wrong, or you know what it is that's hanging it up, I would really like to know.
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