Monson 3 gun october 1st Springfield Sportsmans club

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Oct 27, 2008
I don't mean to spam the board, but this match had previously been canceled and I just wanted to bring it to everyones attention that we are back on

we wanted to be reasonably sure we would have enough staff before announcing this officially but the October 1st match is a go!
We will be running five stages as usual, with the long stage out to 300 yds.
The stages are not set in stone yet, but I will get you a round count and courses of fire as soon as I can.
Thank you for your patience as this is my first time as MD for a 3 gun event.
I am open to suggestions if you see a way to better our events, and if you are willing to help out please shoot me an email or a phone call.

[email protected]

Please find a link to the match sign up bellow, payment will be handled at the club.
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